Coderdox is a technology company devoted to improving healthcare with AI-based solutions

Coderdox provides AI-based healthcare solutions, through in-house research & development and consulting services.

Coderdox has an impressive international network, based on its own brands and unique position in its entrepreneurial eco-system

Coderdox works together with doctors, clinics and patients, to ensure all angles are covered, and solutions will not only be effective in theory, but also in practice

Coderdox has in-house R&D capabilities, and provides AI-based solutions to medical service providers as well as patients, with strict adherence to EU standards

Coderdox is able to provide consultancy services to any party in the medical service value stream, from patient to clinic, to health insurance provider

Coderdox can provide effective and efficient solutions to any current roadblocks in your current processes

Coderdox uses the latest technologies in Deep Learning-based solutions, such as CNNs, RNNs, variations and combinations of tools and innovations on the current state-of-the-art

Coderdox has a team of internationally renowned advisers in the field, from top-level universities around the world

Coderdox has experience in all relevant aspects of the field and can assist you in designing solutions in the strategic and tactical phases of any re-organization of resources, as specialist consultants.